Dental Implants

Many dental implants at DentaVac Dental Clinic are placed every day by our trained Dental Implantologist. We use FDA approved implants such as Zimmer, Implant Direct and PI due to their incredible success rates. We do not use generic or lesser quality implants to reduce the cost. 


Our implants are very high quality and can be placed with confidence for our budget minded patients.  Our surgeons are trained in the United States and other countries.


DentaVac surgeons have placed over 10,000 implants in the 26 years DentaVac has been in Costa Rica.
Many patients are missing only one tooth and others are missing a few.  And other patients are missing all of their teeth.  We are able to place dental implants to replace a single tooth or to replace all of your teeth that are missing.   


Many times we are able to place the implant and fabricate the crown in a single visit to Costa Rica and other times there is a healing period for the ultimate success of the implant.  We are usually able to design a tentative treatment schedule before you arrive at DentaVac so you can plan your travel and tour itinerary to see this beautiful country of Costa Rica.

The cost of each implant depends on the brand and size necessary.  The cost is for placing the implant and does not include any bone grafting, abutment or final restoration.  We treat every patient individually so you can be assured your best options and success rates.

Cost: $650 - $850


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Why Choose Us?

One of the top practice in Costa Rica in dental tourism.

Over 10000 patients treated over the last 30 years.

Sterilization quality with OSHA requirements.

Latest technology in equipment and dental materials that are FDA approved.

In House Laboratory allows us to deliver some work within 24 hours.

Specialists trained in the US and other countries.

Experienced staff that will make Dentavac feel like your home!

All of our doctor are fluent in English.

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