Composite Filling

filling bondings

DentaVac Dental Clinic in Costa Rica is able to remove the old unsightly metal or silver mercury fillings and replace it with tooth-colored dental cosmetic material.  In the past, tooth fillings were made of gold, amalgam (mercury filling) and other metal materials. 


Modern dentistry allows us to use porcelain or composite material that closely matches the appearance of your natural teeth improving the aesthetic looks with structural integrity.


With new fillings or removal of existing fillings, the decay is removed and the tooth is prepared to precise specification.  The composite material is then bonded to the underlying tooth structure with resin adhesives.  It is then shaped and formed to mimic your natural tooth to ensure a normal bite.   


Cost:  $85-$125

Before & After

  • filling bondings
  • filling bondings

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One of the top practice in Costa Rica in dental tourism.

Over 10000 patients treated over the last 30 years.

Sterilization quality with OSHA requirements.

Latest technology in equipment and dental materials that are FDA approved.

In House Laboratory allows us to deliver some work within 24 hours.

Specialists trained in the US and other countries.

Experienced staff that will make Dentavac feel like your home!

All of our doctor are fluent in English.

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